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Loongle has 93000 square meter warehouse with advanced facility, we can provde competative storage rate and 30days free warehousing storage for import and export shipment, meanwhile, we can gather cargo for you from differenct factories all over China and then ship together for you.

Loongle has dvanced warehousing software management system and strict safety management and monitoring, equipped with automatic sprinkler system, 24-hour computer monitoring system, automatic smoke alarm system.

Loongle has the first-class high platform and three-dimensional warehouse are 9 meters high. Delivery vehicles can be loaded and unloaded directly on the platform without being affected by any bad weather. A large number of mobile stackable three-dimensional shelves are used to keep your goods in them without deformation and bumping and bruises.

Loongle professional packaging team can make all kinds of wooden packaging and pallet packaging for machinery equipment,electronic appliances,metal products, autoparts,etc. according to the different needs of customers, and can provide on-site service,our high experenced loading and unloading team can handle the operation very well.
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Global freight door to door-Cargo Switch Project For LED Monitors

In May 2019, a local factory producing LED monitors in Jiangsu found Loongle, and the case was very urgent. They have long-term purchasing customers in the Czech Republic and the United States.But the warehousing staff of the factory made a huge mistake, they loaded the cargo in the container shipping to USA when it should be the Czech customer’s order, and loaded the cargo in the container shipping to Czech when it should be USA customer’s order, and it happened to be loaded upside down.

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Commonly Asked Questions
  • What’s the cheapest fulfillment and warehouse and shipping company in China?

    No logistics company in the market can be the absolute cheapest. If you choose a warehousing in china and logistics company, you should find the best matching supplier for your company’s needs. Price is only an element of cooperation, and service quality is often better. Most importantly, the storage safety of goods and shipping efficiency should be the factors that our customers pay more attention to.

  • How does this warehouse promote e-commerce growth in China?

    The computer can carry out the intelligent warehousing system to transmit some documents, which reduces the errors or omissions that manual statistics may cause and can be very accurate and efficient for managing small goods in e-commerce. In addition, the automated three-dimensional warehousing in china is more efficient for using warehouse space. This system of intensive storage of materials makes management more convenient and reduces the waste of warehouse space. All-access work is controlled by computer, and you can choose a more appropriate storage location according to your needs. And it is also very convenient to take out the goods. This will greatly promote the development of e-commerce in China.

  • How China’s Automated Warehouse Works?

    China’s automated warehouses generally use a shelf storage system with several or even more than a dozen layers. This storage system can fully use the space, so it is also called “three-dimensional warehouse”. Automated three-dimensional warehouses do not require manual handling of goods and only need to design the entire system to realize automatic access to goods and improve storage efficiency.
    Its working principle is that by transporting the goods to the pallets of the storage platform, the storage process is automatically completed after the manual confirmation of the goods list. The automatic conveying line can send the palletized goods to the end, and the intelligent stacker and shuttle car will send them to the pre-allocated cargo space of the main control computer for storage, which has high work efficiency, accurate storage, and convenient management.

  • How to find the right China warehouse service?

    Generally, international freight forwarding companies basically have supporting warehousing services. If you have long-term cooperation with international freight forwarding companies, you can directly ask them to provide warehousing services, or you can also go to some large international freight forwarding logistics platforms, such as WCA, JCTRANS, WIFFA and others seek help. Their members are all over the world, and you can generally find matching and satisfactory warehousing service providers.

  • Why is China’s logistics so efficient?

    The efficiency of China’s logistics is generally relatively high. The main reason is that China is a significant exporter. The efficiency of the logistics will directly affect the efficiency of the flow of import and export goods. China is currently the world’s factory, with a high proportion of exports, and the Chinese have always been diligent and hardworking. It is full of responsibility, the labor cost is relatively low, and the quality of logistics practitioners is constantly improving, so the overall logistics operation efficiency is relatively high.

  • Why warehouses are important in logistics?

    Warehousing is an indispensable part of logistics. For domestic transportation, factories generally need an independent warehousing to store the produced goods, or they need to rent a third-party warehousing to store the goods. If dedicated truck transportation, it is usually from the warehouse to the warehouse. The logistics company must have its own transit warehouse to redistribute the goods and load them for less than truck transportation. For international logistics and transportation, many FCL goods need to be delivered to the warehouse at the terminal for loading and shipping, while LCL and air freight must be sent to the warehouse at the port and airport for loading and palletizing. When the goods are shipped to the port and airport of the destination country, the goods must also be distributed to the designated warehouse. To sum up, the warehouse is very important in the whole logistics process. Whether the warehouse is standardized or not directly affects the efficiency and safety of the overall logistics and transportation.

  • What are types of warehouse?

    Warehouses can be classified according to different standards. Common warehouse classifications are as follows:

    1. Dedicated warehouse

    A dedicated warehouse is equipped with facilities such as refrigeration and heat preservation. It is suitable for commodities with exceptional storage performance and commodities that require specific technical equipment. Commodities such as sugar, fruit, grain, medicinal materials, poultry, and livestock meat are easy to melt, mildew, and rot, and the quantity is large, so they need to be refrigerated or stored at a constant temperature.

    2. General warehouse

    General warehouses, also known as ordinary and comprehensive warehouses, generally refer to warehouses with normal temperature storage, natural ventilation, and no special functions. According to the principle of consistent product performance and maintenance measures, the general warehouse manages the products by zoning and classification. Such warehouses do not require special technical equipment and account for a large proportion of China’s commercial warehouses.

    3. Dangerous goods warehouse

    A dangerous goods warehouse is equipped with special equipment, and corresponding fire fighting means, which can protect hazardous goods to a certain extent. Since dangerous goods are flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive, mixing them with general items is strictly forbidden. The main task of the dangerous goods warehouse is to ensure the storage safety of all kinds of hazardous goods.

  • What companies have Warehouses in China?

    In China, general logistics companies may have their own warehouses for stocking, shipping, and distributing customers’ goods, and general factories also have their own warehouses for stocking and shipping goods produced in their own factories. The customs also have its own bonded warehouses in various places.

  • What is bonded warehouse in China?

    In China, bonded warehousing in china refer to warehouses where import, export, transit, transshipment, and customs inspection of goods subject to customs inspection, as well as bonded goods and other inbound and outbound goods that have not yet completed customs procedures, are stored within the scope approved by the customs. In fact, it is also a type of bonded storage, which is similar to the functions of foreign bonded warehouse. It mainly stores goods and luggage items entering the country and the owner will collect them in the future, or the goods arrive without a certificate, the documents are not complete, the procedures are incomplete, and Violation of the customs regulations, the customs will not release the goods and the goods that need to be temporarily stored in the customs bonded warehouse waiting for the customs’ further process

  • Is there an Amazon warehouse in China?

    China has Amazon warehousing, but it is far less developed than European and American countries. China’s e-commerce share is mainly domestic brands, such as Taobao and

  • Can I sell on Amazon from China?

    Of course, Chinese products are very popular on Amazon’s e-commerce platform, and they are increasing year by year.

  • Is dropshipping from China worth it?

    Of course, goods sold on many e-commerce platforms are using this method.

  • How do I find a Chinese supplier for dropshipping?

    This shipping method is already very popular in China, and many suppliers should be able to provide dropshipping services.

  • What does warehousing service mean?

    Warehousing services cover a wide range, far beyond the traditional storage of goods. Modern warehousing services include traditional cargo stocking, packaging, labeling, shipping and other services.

  • What is the main purpose of a warehouse?

    The main function of warehouses is to store goods. Now many factories have found that service outsourcing is the most worry-free and labor-saving and the most economical. Therefore, warehousing outsourcing services are more extensive.

  • What are the advantages of warehouse?

    Third-party warehousing has many advantages, generally there are obvious advantages in the following aspects:

    1. Enjoy more professional warehousing services. Warehouse management is a highly professional job that involves safety, fire protection, and personnel management. Generally, professional warehouses can achieve efficient and standardized management. However, self-built warehouses by enterprises require not only huge manpower, but also Material resources, and do not necessarily achieve standardized management.
    2. Professional warehousing companies are also equipped with market-competitive transportation services, which can achieve more effective overall transportation of goods and save transportation costs.
    3. When a company expands into a new market, when the market is uncertain, finding a local professional warehouse can effectively save costs, and it has a high degree of flexibility. In case the market is not very good, the investment in the warehousing area is not counted. Great, effective cost saving.

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