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Loongle trucking department has Advance technology:GPS realized whole course monitoring and control to each truck, and customer may inquire each index of cargo route on internet at any time, and we respond 7*24.

Loongle own customs supervision qualification, can handle trucking under customs supervision, also we own qualification for dangerous goods transport, can handle DG goods safely.

Loongle has diverse trucking source all over China,so we can provide competative trucking rate and arrange pick up/delivery all over China.

Loongle buy insurance for each cargo transportation, vehicle, container, driver and operation staff. Loongle has first class safety management,pre-check transportation route, truck and cargo status, and we got excellent emergency solve ability,if any accident or dispute occured, our professional team would arrive at the site at the first moment to solve the problem.
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Trucking Project For Vacuum Cleaner Factory

In 2016, a local factory producing vacuum cleaners in Suzhou contacted Lonngle, and their company exported about 80*40‘HQ containers to other countries every month, mainly in Southeast Asia and Europe. The current cooperative trucking company has some coordination problems., as follows,

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Commonly Asked Questions
  • What is the biggest trucking company in Europe?

    The largest trucking company in Europe should be DHL and DPD, engaged in the express delivery business. In addition, Germany DB Schenker Logistics also has a relatively high proportion of container truck transportation.

  • How big is the trucking industry in Europe?

    European trucking disutry is very developed and fullscaled and land transportation between countries is very smooth and comprehensive, almost covering the European continent.

  • Who is the biggest trucking company in the world?

    The world’s largesttrucking company should be UPS that provides express services.There are also many chinese trucking companies maybe can meet your needs.

  • Who is the oldest trucking company?

    The oldest trucking company in the world is Jones Motoring Group. It started land transportation in the United States in 1984. However, when the company started, it did not have trucks, but used carriages. By 1912, the company purchased the first truck and started Extensive trucking services in the U.S.

  • Starting Your Own Trucking Company | What You NEED To Know?

    It is not complicated to start a chinese trucking company, generally you need to start from the following points
    1. Make a business plan
    2. Get ready to start capital
    3. Determine the company’s articles of association and shareholders, and go to the local industrial and commercial bureau to register the company
    4. Apply for road transport permit (C1 driver’s license is required)
    5. Purchase transportation vehicles
    6. Hiring experienced drivers and dispatchers
    7. Hiring sales staff to start business
    8.Purchase good insurance for company vehicles and drivers

  • How Long-Haul Trucking Works?

    The service process of Long-Haul trucking is not complicated. Taking export containers as an example, container truck companies generally confirm the loading time with the factory in advance. Before the loading time is agreed, the truck company usually uses the carriers’ s/o to handle the container release. After the container yard is determined, the truck driver goes to the yard to pick up the container and then set off to the factory to load the container. After the container is loaded, the truck driver will send the container to the designated location in the port, which completes the entire export Long-Haul trucking process. Similarly, for imported container transportation, after customs clearance, the truck company and the yard make an appointment to pick up the container, and pick up the container on time, and send the container with the goods to the factory according to the agreed time. After the factory unloads the container, The truck driver then delivers the empty container to the designated storage yard, completing the entire import Long-Haul trucking delivery service.

  • How the China-US trade war is impacting the trucking industry?

    China-U.S. trade war has little impact on the trucking industry, because the China-U.S. trade war has basically not affected the import and export business between China and the U.S., even since 2020, the trade between China and the U.S. has maintained growth. Then the chinese trucking companies has not received any impact.

  • How is the truck logistics industry in China?

    After decades of development, China’s truck logistics has become very comprehensive and mature. There are more and more private chinese trucking companies. And many professional truck companies throughout the country to provide services. Truck services are almost everywhere in China.

  • Why are so many trucking companies closing?

    Because there are more truck companies, every year some truck companies are replaced by other counterparts due to poor management. This is a normal market behavior and does not indicate that there is a problem with the trucking industry, because many new truck companies are established every year, and they participate in the market competition.

  • What trucking services can pick up and deliver my freight shipments?

    What kind of truck should be used to pick up and deliver your goods should be arranged according to the specific needs of your shipments. For example, we need to use long haul container trucks to deliver the FCL shipmentsr. We can use normal vans to transport LCL shipments. If it is a special FCL container shipments such as flat rack or reefer containers, we need to use a special vehicle to arrange delivery. If it is dangerous goods, it must be delivered by a special vehicle for dangerous goods. Therefore, you need to communicate with Loongle professional land transportation team in advance to determine which trucking service is most suitable for your delivery requirements.

  • What are some cheap trucking companies?

    Every truck company has its own advantages in different routes. There is no such thing as a land transport company that is the cheapest, but everyone has distinct advantages. According to the current land transportation market, the rate of land transportation services is very transparent, and each company’s profit is relatively thin, and the competition is very high. Land transportation is not like sea, air, and railway transportation. So the difference in price is not too big, just find a reliable trucking company is ok.

  • What are the largest costs associated with long-haul trucking in China?

    At present, the biggest cost of chinese trucking companies is oil fees, because the price of China’s oil is relatively high internationally, followed by various labor costs, including driver’s wages, and secondly, tolls.

  • What is a trucking company, and how do they work?

    In simple terms, truck companies are companies that provide point-to-point land transportation. Their operating mode is not complicated. In simple terms,if the company has trucks, drivers, dispatchers, and customer groups,they can start their business.

  • What is a transportation services agreement?

    A transportation agreement is an agreement generally signed before the cooperation between the shipment owner and the trucking company. It generally includes transportation service standards, the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, charging standards, and settlement period.

  • Is it hard to get trucking contracts? How do I get trucking contracts?

    The transportation contract is not difficult to obtain. Each transportation company has its own transportation contract template, which can be used to sign with their customers before cooperation. You can generally obtain it from the trucking company you intend to cooperate with. For example, if you choose Loongle to provide your company with land transportation services, we can send our company’s contract template for your reference. Of course, before signing, you can also add to the content of the contract according to your company’s specific requirements, and only after both parties confirm that there is no problem, both parties sign and start cooperation.

  • What truck loads pay the most?

    Generally, there are standard charges for land transportation of general cargo, while oversize cargo, such as overlength and overwide cargo, normally cost a lot than general cargo. For example, Loongle has handled wind power equipmentIts, the length is more than 53 meters long, so the operation is very difficult. It needs to be filed with the provincial and municipal transportation department before transportation, and it can pass through only after obtaining approval. Therefore, the cost of transportation is also very high. In addition, according to Loongle’s experience, the transportation costs of dangerous goods, pharmaceutical reagents, and frozen products are relatively high.

  • How do you get loads directly from shippers?

    In order to get loads directly from shippers, the trucking company needs to get in touch with shippers directly, their sales team should be very powerful.

  • What is the maximum weight allowed for transport by truck?

    Generally speaking, the weight of a single shipmentt for land transportation is 26 tons, and heavy trucks are required for transportation. Generally, the weight limit of trucks is 18 tons.

  • How is the price of an LTL and FTL service determined?

    For LTL transportation, the freight rate is generally determined based on the number of goods, gross weight, volume, and transportation mileage. For FTL transportation, the transportation rate is generally determined based on the weight of the goods and transportation mileage.

  • What documents are required for road haulage?

    If it is land transportation for domestic trade, the land transportation documents that need to provide are straightforward. You only need to write the address and contact information of the shipper and consignee and the specific number of goods, gross weight, volume, product name, and other details on the shipping instruction.
    In the case of foreign trade land transportation, in addition to the documents mentioned above, a complete set of customs declaration or customs clearance documents is also required.

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