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Loongle Shipping provides global coverage of FCL&LCL sea freight service, we have a strong network of agents, professional staff, and strong marketing connections, to ensure your cargo can be delivered to every corner of the world safely in time.

Loongle is a reliable shipping forwarder in china, we have direct cooperation with ONE, COSCO, CMA, MAERSK, CMA, OOCL, WANHAI, PIL, APL, MSC, and other carriers to ensure efficiency and competitive freight rate. Also, we provide EWX, DDP / DDU, door-to-door, and other overseas extension services; we provide import and export, return cargo service, bonded, customs transit, etc., and all other trading collaborative services and insurance agency services.

Do you want to cooperate with a reliable shipping forwarder in china, we are your best choice!

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What LOONGLE can do for you?

Loongle can provide you with door-to-door one-stop shipping services, as well as related shipping and trade value-added services, including traditional booking, trucking, customs declaration, customs clearance, delivery, and value-added services, such as trade agency, cargo inspection, cargo packaging and labeling, export/import license agency, HS code classification, making customs documents, Cargo Insurance and Claims. For specific needs, you can get in touch with our professional freight forwarding team, and we will provide the corresponding service quotation and assist you in handling each shipment.

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Bespoke Furniture Ocean Freight Project China TO Australia

At the beginning of 2017, an Australian company specializing in bespoke furniture and decoration engineering contacted Loongle. They just started importing all kinds of custom furniture and all kinds of decoration materials from China. The products mainly include all types of furniture, lighting, light strips, marble countertops, etc.

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Commonly Asked Questions
  • How To Find China Wholesale Suppliers And Get The Lowest Price?

    You can find China wholesale suppliers on the website of B2B platforms, like Alibaba, Tradekey, etc, Meanwhile, loongle is a professional shipping forwarder company in china and often work with china Wholesale Suppliers. You can also just tell Loongle your needs, Loongle can assist you on this locally.

  • How long does apple take to ship from china?

    We normally use Reefer container to load and ship fruits like apple, our fruits mainly export to south east Asia, it normally takes 5~15days for sea freight transit time.

  • How much is sea freight from china?

    In fact, the sea freight rate index is affected by many factors. The freight rate from China to the world will be updated every week. You should communicate and inquire with the shipping forwarder in china before shipping to obtain specific available tariffs and services.

  • How long does freight shipping take from china?

    For ocean shipping services from China to the world, the transit time would be affected by many factors, such as the port of departure, port of destination, port congestion, weather, customs inspection, different shipping route services, etc.. Generally, the transit time of the China-Japan-Korea route normally takes 3days for the

  • How to Ship from China to the US?

    After you confirm the order with the Chinese supplier, send us your specific freight forwarding service needs, and we will make a corresponding quotation according to your specific freight forwarding service needs. After both parties have confirmed the price and service, please provide us the contact information of your Chinese supplier. Our professional team will contact your supplier and obtain the shipping instruction to arrange the booking. After the booking is confirmed, our company will arrange customs declaration, trucking, and port gate in, and at the same time, we will finish all the shipping docs with carrier. Confirm the bill of lading and send AMS/ ISF. If you do not have a cooperative shipping forwarder in the United States, our US agent will also assist you in arranging local customs clearance and transportation in the United States until your goods are delivered to the designated US door address.

  • How Much Is Shipping From China To The US?

    The sea freight rates of the China-North America route have constantly been changing, and carriers update the freight rates almost every half a month. At the same time, the United States is a big country facing the sea on three sides. The freight rates will vary greatly because of the different destination ports selected by customers. If you need to get the latest freight rates, please contact the shipping forwarder in china, and we will provide you with a specific quotation.

  • What is the Cheapest Way to Ship from China to the USA?

    If the transportation from China to the United States is only to the basic port, sea transportation is the most economical transportation method.
    If the destination is an inland point in the United States, sea-rail combined transportation is the most economical and most commonly used mode of transportation.
    Air transportation is much more expensive than sea transportation. If not urgently needed cargo, it is not recommended.

  • How long will it take to ship a container from China to USA?

    Container sea transportation from China to the United States usually takes less than 30 days for the shipping forwarder in china under normal circumstances.
    Generally, the sea transportation time from China to basic ports on the west coast of the United States such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, etc. is about 15 days.Generally, the sea transportation time from China to the basic ports on the east coast of the United States such as New York, Boston, Charleston, Savannah, Miami, etc. is about 30 days.
    Generally, from China to inland points in the United States such as Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, etc., the sea-rail combined transportation time is about 20-30 days.

  • Why is shipping from china taking so long?

    Many factors will cause the overall transportation time to be too long. Generally, there are the following reasons:
    1. Because of cost-saving considerations, the Shipping forwarder chose transit service instead of direct delivery
    2. Because of the consideration of saving freight cost, the carriers with slower service are selected
    3. Due to customs inspection at the port of departure, the goods did not catch up with the original schedule in time
    4. Due to the customs inspection of the destination port, the goods stayed at the inspection site for too long
    5. The consignee did not make customs clearance in time, resulting in too prolonged detention at the terminal
    6. Due to the weather, the ship cannot set off or berth in time
    7. Wharf strikes lead to the inability to unload containers in time

  • Why Freight Shipping is getting more expensive now?

    In fact, the container freight rate has been relatively stable since 2008, and there is not much fluctuation. The Baltic Dry Bulk Index (BDI) has also maintained a low and stable level, but there will be traditional peak and off seasons each year. The freight rate in peak seaons is much higher than the off-season, but it is also relatively controllable. From the second half of 2020 to the present of 2021, freight rates have been rising, and they have reached exaggerated high prices, mainly due to the global trade imbalance caused by the Covid-19 and the increase in inflation and difficulties in terminal operations. The price is very expensive currently.

  • How much does it cost to ship a 20ft container from china?

    For specific inquiries, you can consult a professional shipping forwarder in china. Of course, you need to provide with some basic information required for quotation, such as the port of departure, port of destination, cargo commodity, weight, and shipping terms, before the shipping forwarder can quote you the price of a 20’DC shipped from China.

  • How long does shipping from china to USA?

    The United States is a big country facing the sea on three sides. The time for shipping from China to the US will be very different due to the different modes of transportation. If you choose air transportation, shipment can arrive the US in one day via direct service, and the transit time will be 3 to 5days if via transfer service. Of course, the transportation cost is many times higher than that of sea freight. If you choose a relatively economical sea freight method, it takes about 15 days from China to the west coast of the US. The fastest service is provided by Matons, which can provide 10 days sea freight service from China to US west coast. It normally takes about 30 days to reach the east coast of the US, itt usually takes 20 to 30 days to arrive from the west coast sea to the inland point, and it usually takes 30 to 40 days to arrive from the east coast sea to the inland.

  • How much does ocean freight cost?

    For specific inquiries, you can consult our professional shipping forwarder team . Of course, you need to provide us with some basic information required for quotation, such as the port of departure, port of destination, cargo commodity, weight, and shipping terms, before we can quote you the detailed ocean freight cost.

  • If not a full container, can you also ship via sea to china?

    Of course, if the cargo volume is less than an container, we can ship the cargo via LCL way.

  • How long does shipping take from china to Canada?

    Canada is a vast country, facing the sea on both sides. If you choose air transportation, the direct service can arrive in one day, and the transfer service takes about 3 to 5 days.
    If you choose sea transportation, the most frequently visited ports are Vancouver or Prince Rupert Port on the west coast, It usually takes about 15 days. If you want to transfer to inland points like Toronto and Montreal by

  • How to track and trace your sea shipment to china?
  • Top 5 most popular routes for shipping containers from China to the US

    The China-U.S. routes with the most significant volume of container traffic should be China to the west coast of the United States, the east coast of the United States, Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta.

  • How Container Shipping Works?

    Container shipping is a great invention in the history of transportation. Container transportation is carried out in a standardized liner method, with fixed routes, services and schedules. The specific operation process first is that the cargo owner provides the shipping instructions to the freight forwarding company, and the freight forwarder makes the booking with the owner. After the carrier confirms the booking, the freight forwarder will arrange the cargo declaration and trucking according to the pre-allocated shipping schedule. After the cargo is delivered to the designated port of loading, the terminal will load the container into the container ship. After the container ship arrives at the destination port, the terminal will lift the container ship away from the vessel and arrange to send it to the container yard. The shipping forwarder arrangement will be made at the destination port. After customs clearance, the container will be dragged out of the yard and delivered to the designated address by the customer, and the entire operation process will end.

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