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We are responsible for all the customs declaration documents.
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Loongle own China customs import and export customs registration certificate, we have one department team dedicated for customs declaration/clearance,we review customs document for every shipment.

Loongle provide customs consultation service for import and export shipment, also we can do customs pre-classification, if you are not professtion on this part.Loongle also provide CIQ services and be your agent for customs inspection and quarantine.

Loongle can be your trading agent, and do the customs declaration or clearance on behalf of you if you don't have a compnay in China or abroad, wen can pay import and export duties/tax on your behalf too.

Loongle communicate with the customs about emergency sitations encountered in import and export declarations and provide timely solutions for our customers.
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Glass Product Trade Agency And Documentation For Canadian Agent

In 2017, a Canadian agent we worked with found Loongle for an inquiry. They have an importer customer for glass products, and they have long-term purchases from China, mostly suppliers near Guangdong Province. They need to find a reliable Chinese agent, because we have a good foundation for cooperation, they first us first.

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Commonly Asked Questions
  • Do I need a customs broker to import from China?

    For importing goods from China, china customs brokerage is a necessary procedure. You don’t need to find a customs broker to do the declaration. Normally freight forwarders have their own customs brokers or through their cooperative customs brokers to provide customs declaration services. All you need is just find a professional freight forwarder to cooperate. For example, you can find Loongle to provide one-stop customs declaration and transportation services.

  • Do I need a Customs Broker to clear my goods through Customs and Border Protection (CBP)?

    Customs clearance is a necessary procedure for imported goods. Of course, you do not need to find a separate import customs broker to arrange customs clearance. You only need to find your freight forwarder to help you arrange customs clearance and delivery at the destination port. Loongle’s overseas cooperation agents are all caan provide one-stop service for customs clearance and delivery.

  • Do customs brokers charge?How much is a customs broker fee?

    Of course, china customs brokers need to charge service fees. Normally, the china customs brokerage fee for goods exported from China is RMB 100/declaration, and the customs clearance fee for imports into China is RMB 300/declaration. For imported goods from China, the local customs clearance fees generally range from US$65 to US$120. The charging standards of each country will be slightly different.

  • What are brokerage fees for customs?

    This customs brokers service charge.

  • Does China have export customs?

    Of course, China has a customs. The china customs brokerage is an indispensable government functional institute for every sovereign country in the world. Every shipment of imported and exported goods must be supervised by the customs.

  • How do I clear customs without a broker?

    Customs declaration is a highly professional job. It is generally impossible to clear goods without the assistance of customs brokers. Unless some large companies have their own professional customs declaration departments, they can make customs declarations on their own. But even so, many large companies still choose Outsource the customs declaration business to a professional customs broker or freight forwarding company.

  • Can you be your own customs broker?

    Basically it is not realistic. Customs declaration is a very professional job. Loongle still recommends that you find a professional customs broker or freight forwarder to handle your cargo declaration.

  • Will I get charged import tax from China?

    For ordinary commodities, China does not impose export tariffs. On the contrary, the general taxation authorities will also give VAT refunds. However, there are a small number of commodities that are restricted by the government. Export tariffs may be imposed. Whether your imported commodities would be taxed or not, please confirm with Loongle’s professional customs declaration team in advance.

  • How long does customs declaration take when importing from China?

    china’s customs brokerage efficiency has been improving. Under the condition that all the customs declaration documents are prepared in advance, customs declaration can generally be completed within half a day.

  • How much is customs duty from China?

    Import taxes in your country for goods imported from China need to be confirmed with your customs broker in advance. Some countries have mutual tariff exemption agreements with China, such as ASEAN, South Korea and Australia, but this is only for tariffs.The local GST, VAT, etc., still need to be paid. Imports from China to the United States only need to pay tariffs. Before the United States imposed additional tariffs on Chinese goods, many goods were tariff-free, but now most goods require additional tariffs.

  • How many days does customs clearance take?

    The time required for customs clearance is affected by many factors. First of all, the customs clearance efficiency of each country varies very mucht. Countries such as North America and China have implemented cargo pre-clearance. For general imported goods, china customs brokerage can be completed in only one day, such as It takes more time for the customs to inspect the goods, but if the goods meet the customs supervision requirements, they will be released once a week. The current customs clearance efficiency in the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries is generally low, and it may generally take four or five days or more to complete the customs clearance.

  • Who is responsible for customs clearance?

    Who is responsible for customs clearance is determined by the agreed incoterms in the contract signed by the buyer and the seller. Generally, the shipper is responsible for customs clearance for goods with terms such as ddu, ddp, and dap, and the consignee is responsible for customs clearance with terms such as cif, cnf, and fob.

  • Do customs brokers work for the government?

    Customs brokers are generally independent of the government and provide customs declaration and customs clearance agency services for various import and export enterprises and individuals. Of course, customs brokers also provide services for some national enterprises, but generally they do not directly serve the government.

  • Who pays customs fees buyer or seller?

    Who is responsible for customs clearance and pay for it is determined by the agreed incoterms in the contract signed by the buyer and the seller. Generally, the shipper is responsible for customs clearance for goods with terms such as ddu, ddp, and dap, and the consignee is responsible for customs clearance with terms such as cif, cnf, and fob.

  • What does a customs broker work with us?

    Generally, the customs broker will communicate with you in advance about the preparation of customs declaration or customs clearance documents. Before the goods need to be submitted to the customs, you need to provide a complete set of customs documents to the customs broker. Generally, the basic documents includes but not limited to the bill of lading, packing list, Invoices, contracts, bill of entry. When the customs broker gets your complete customs documents, it will help you arrange customs declaration or customs clearance at a suitable time.

  • Are Customs Brokers in demand?

    Customs brokers have always been in demand and the scope of services is relatively wide, but they are not in short supply. After decades of development, the customs brokers industry has become a very mature industry, and there are many experienced customs brokers in almost every country that provide customs broker service.

  • What does customs clearance mean told by USPS?

    When you use UPS express service, customs clearance is also required in many cases. When you are notified by UPS that you need customs clearance, you can cooperate with UPS’s customs broker and provide the customs declaration docoments they need to clear the goods as soon as possible. Or, you can also choose the customs broker you cooperate with to carry out customs clearance declaration.

  • What does it mean when it says export customs cleared?

    When your customs broker completes the declaration of the goods, it means that the customs has released the shipment and the goods can be shipped out.

  • What does it mean if your package is held in customs?

    If your package is held by the customs, it means that your package does not meet the customs requirements. You should request your customs broker to obtain effective communication with the customs as soon as possible, and get the reasons for the held of the package by the customs, so as to cooperate with the customs as soon as possible to release your package.

  • Do customs brokers make a lot of money?

    China customs brokers are generally only service-oriented companies and have fixed charge standard. For example, customs declarations in China generally only require 100 yuan per shipment, so they will not make a lot of profits. They are companies that make reasonable profits by providing stable services.

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