China-Myanmar’s new Railway and Road Intermodal freight service has been launched

On April 3rd, the cross-border railway and public transport intermodal train (Chongqing-Ruili-Myanmar) of the new land-rail freight service was launched from the Xiaonanya Railway Logistics Center in Jiangjin Luohuang Industrial City. Its transportation time is about 20 days shorter than traditional river-sea intermodal transportation. This is the first new route of the land-sea channel between China and Myanmar via the Ruili port, marking that Chongqing has opened up a new path for the China-Myanmar international channel via the land-sea channel connecting Southeast Asia through the land port in Ruili, Yunnan.


freight service


The “Action Plan for Promoting the Construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Dual-city Economic Circle in Chongqing (2023-2027)” proposes that by 2027, the total import and export volume will reach 1.1 trillion yuan, the actual use of foreign investment will increase by an average annual rate of 10%, and it will be at the forefront of western China’s encrypted iron-sea intermodal trains, cross-border bus services, and international railway intermodal trains. Efforts will be made to increase the annual growth rate of channel freight volume and freight value to over 15%, and to reach a container volume of 250,000 standard boxes for Chongqing’s Western Land-Sea New Channel.


Therefore, officials from the Chongqing Port Logistics Office stated that Chongqing will continue to improve its opening to the outside world. It will promote the construction of a highland of inland opening up around multiple areas such as the channel, port, and platform, actively build a hub for the “Belt and Road” strategy, and continuously enhance logistics functions and operation center of the Western Land-Sea New Channel. Chongqing has been selected for four consecutive years as a national logistics hub construction list and has become the only city in China with all four types of national logistics hubs: water, land, air, and production services.


Chongqing and Sichuan jointly built the China-Europe Railway Express (Chengdu-Chongqing), covering over 40 countries and 100 nodes in Eurasia with 33 routes. In 2022, a total of 5298 trains were operated, an increase of 8.6%. In terms of ports, Wanzhou Airport was officially opened, and Wanzhou Xintian Port Area, Fuling Longtou Port Area, and Jiangjin Luohuang Port Area were included in the national port opening review plan for 2021/2022, approved to set up comprehensive designated supervision sites for imported meat, fresh and frozen aquatic products, fruits, edible aquatic animals, and plant seeds. The port functions have reached 10 categories.


In terms of digital empowerment, Chongqing International Trade “Single Window” Western Land-Sea New Channel Platform became the first platform to be promoted and applied nationally, rising from local construction to a national standard version, with a cumulative total of 11 functions in four major areas, including AI customs declaration, inter-provincial and inter-city logistics coordination, and national and local big data applications. The application rate of major international trade declaration businesses remains at 100%, with effective support for improving customs clearance facilitation.


In the “Building an Inland Open High Ground Action,” it is clearly stated that the construction of the Western Land-Sea New Channel should be accelerated. “Expanding routes is one of our measures to promote the high-quality development of the Western Land-Sea New Channel,” said the person in charge of the Municipal Government’s Port Logistics Office.


Chongqing has deliberated and issued the “Five-Year Action Plan for Accelerating the Construction of the Western Land-Sea New Channel in Chongqing (2023-2027),” aiming to increase the cargo transportation capacity of the channel by 20% and achieve a cargo transfer rate of 50% in Chongqing hub by 2027. At the same time, the cargo volume, value, and interconnection with the China-Europe Railway Express and the Yangtze River Golden Waterway of Chongqing’s transportation through the Western Land-Sea New Channel will achieve “triple doubling.”


The person in charge stated that in the future, Chongqing will promote open development and upgrading in four aspects.


Firstly, fully tap the potential of logistics channels, including deepening cooperation in key areas such as the China-Europe Railway Express, building a demonstration project for the China-Europe Railway Express, and expanding the types of cargo sources and radiation range; accelerating the construction of the Smart Yangtze River Logistics Project, continuing the stable operation of the “Shanghai-Chongqing Express Line” and the Chongqing-Ningbo Railway Express, actively undertaking industrial transfer, and so on.


Secondly, build a high-level open platform, such as accelerating the construction of inspection infrastructure for Wanzhou Airport, continuously expanding port functions, and constructing comprehensive designated supervision sites for imported meat and designated supervision sites for imported meat at railway ports.


Thirdly, expand the size of the open economy, including deepening economic and trade cooperation with countries and regions along the Belt and Road, promoting the implementation of the RCEP action plan, promoting the integration of domestic and foreign trade, enhancing the driving force of open development, and so on.


Fourthly, improve the digital level of port logistics, including constructing a digital platform system for the Western Land-Sea New Channel, promoting information sharing, business collaboration, regional cooperation, and institutional innovation; deepening the construction of the international trade “single window,” promoting the application of new functions of the standard version, strengthening the construction of local characteristic functions, and promoting digital customs clearance and logistics optimization.
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