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Glass Product Trade Agency And Documentation For Canadian Agent

In 2017, a Canadian agent we worked with found Loongle for an inquiry. They have an importer customer for glass products, and they have long-term purchases from China, mostly suppliers near Guangdong Province. They need to find a reliable Chinese agent, because we have a good foundation for cooperation, they first us first.

We analyzed that this long-term project is not very difficult to operate, and there are two difficult points we need to overcome,

1. Most factories do not have import and export licenses, and they do not understand the export declaration process very well. They need the assistance of the freight forwarding company to prepare a set of customs declaration documents.

2. Glass products are fragile, and each shipment must remind the factory to pay attention to the packaging quality, and the freight insurance must be purchased for each shipment.

After the communication between overseas colleagues and our customs declaration team, our professional customs declaration team felt that it was no problem to prepare customs declaration documents and use our export and import license for declaration, but the shipper had to pay the handling fee for this part. We immediately communicated with the Canadian agent. If the goods under the EXW term require them to pay an extra handling fee of RMB500, the Canadian side readily agreed. For FOB term shipments which shipper should pay the local charges, we communicated with several long-term purchasing factories, and they basically felt that there was no problem.

Since 2017, Loongle has been providing long-term one-stop service for this customer. The factories only need to prepare the goods, and we are responsible for all the customs declaration documents. As the cooperation deepens, we have more and more understanding of the products. , The preparation of customs declaration documents is becoming more and more handy. Canadian buyers, our Canadian agent, and domestic shipping factories are very satisfied with our service, and all parties save time and energy.

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