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Australian Decoration Company Ocean Freight Export Project


At the beginning of 2017, an bespoke furniture Australian company and decoration engineering contacted Loongle. They just started importing all kinds of custom furniture and all kinds of decoration materials from China. The products mainly include all types of furniture, lighting, light strips, marble countertops, etc. At that time, they found a local freight forwarding company in Australia to start cooperation, but after working together for some time, they found a few problems, which made them feel very distressed, and their freight forwarders have not been able to solve them.

1. The sailing schedule is always late, and in many cases, the direct shipping service cannot be booked, which leads to the failure to guarantee the delivery time, which further leads to the inability to ensure the progress of their decoration project

2. Furniture products generally need fumigation, and at that time, their freight forwarders spent more time arranging fumigation time, which wasted much time

3. Some furniture suppliers do not have import and export rights, nor do they have professional customs personnel to prepare customs declaration documents in advance. In this case, their freight forwarders did not have experienced personnel who can handle trade documents, and the efficiency is relatively slow.

4. Some furniture suppliers have slow production progress. They did not have an office in China at that time. Their freight forwarders were indifferent to the production progress of the goods, and no one followed the orders, which sometimes led to untimely production progress.

5. What they provide is a customized decoration service. Every batch of goods often encounters new products. At that time, their freight forwarders could not provide customs hs code classification services. In the case of unprofessional factories, overall efficiency will slow down.

6. Sometimes, a container of goods needs to be purchased from several suppliers from all over China and then shipped together in one container. At that time, their freight forwarders had some problems in repackaging and labeling, and the centralized tally and loading were sometimes not good enough.

7. Lamps and lanterns are fragile products, and they often encounter damage to the goods, and their freight forwarders at that time always can’t get the solution.

Bespoke Furniture Australia


In response to the above problems, our professional team gave the following solutions on the spot on the phone.

1. We are familiar with China-Australian sea freight routes. For example, Maersk was able to provide the fastest direct service in the market at that time, and in the case of a deadline, we will deliver goods from suppliers in North China to Shanghai or Shenzhen, or Hong Kong ports in South China. For shipping, it only takes 13 days for the direct sea freight service from Shanghai to Australia, while it only takes about 10 days for Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In this way, we have achieved the best shipping time.

2. We will contact the inspection and quarantine agency in advance, book a fumigation time, and complete the fumigation work the first time.

3. For factories without import and export licenses, our company pro
vides trade agency services to help customers prepare a set of customs declaration documents in advance so as not to affect the progress of customs declaration


4. Our professional customer service provides documentary service for this customer, confirms the production progress with the factory in advance, and keeps track of it.

5. Our professional customs declaration team helps customers classify the hs code of new products in advance so as not to affect the progress of customs declaration.

6. Our company plans and selects the best loading port, informs each supplier in advance to deliver to the built-in warehouse of this port, and further improves the packaging and labeling before shipment.

7. Our company pays attention to the packing position of the lighting products when loading the container, tries to put it on the top layer, and strengthens the lighting products. We also help customers buy freight insurance.

After about half an hour of phone discussion, this bespoke furniture Australian company felt that the solution provided by Loongle was very professional and feasible, and immediately decided to have their team send us the first shipping instruction letter, and after the first batch of containers was successfully boarded This bespoke furniture Australian company found that it did greatly save shipping time and provided a strong guarantee for their decoration projects in Australia. All subsequent Chinese exports to Australia were designated by Loongle to operate. Until now, this customer Has always been our loyal partner.

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