Air Charter Project For Health Canada Anti-epidemic Materials

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic in China was effectively controlled, the foreign epidemic suddenly broke out. For a time, the demand for epidemic prevention materials around the world surged. A domestic exporter of epidemic prevention materials successfully won the bidding of the procurement project of Health Canada. However, starting from April in 2020, the air freight capacity has been tense day by day. At one time, the air freight rate from China to North America broke through RMB150/kg, reached a record high. Meanwhile, it is not easy to book available space. At this time, it is urgent for large quantities. As far as the required anti-epidemic materials are concerned, air charter flights must be considered. Otherwise, even if such a high freight rate can be afforded, the capacity and timeliness cannot be guaranteed.

When the time came to October 2020, the epidemic in Canada became more serious, and local hospitals were unable to obtain adequate supplies of epidemic prevention materials. At this time, Health Canada had to consider using large-volume air charter flights to import epidemic prevention materials. But when they went to the air freight market to look for capacity, they found that the most commonly used Boeing 747 aircraft had been fully booked. It was difficult to find available Boeing 747 models on the market until December, and the price reached a staggering 1.2 million. USD/shift.

At this time, the exporter contacted Loongle with the mentality of giving it a try, hoping that we could give an effective and feasible plan. Our air freight team worked overtime overnight to find a way to ship this project in the global air freight market through all of our connections. Through our efforts and more than ten years of experience in air transportation, we found that the An-124 from Russia may be capable of this project. This model is the world’s second largest transport aircraft, It can load 700cbm/90tons of goods, which exactly meets our loading  requirements, but the difficulty of using this aircraft  is that the requirements for loading are particularly high, and a strong degree of professionalism is required to achieve safe transportation and optimal storage use, and all goods must be palletized and then loaded into the machine,

Previously, our overseas team had contacted the An-124 charter company at the International Freight Forwarding Alliance meeting held by WCA and knew very well about the operation process of this aircraft. We immediately got in touch with the An-124 charter company. The first time everyone made a detailed flight arrangement plan together. At that time, the customer gave us the deadline for delivery on November 20. Before November 20, we could transfer 5 shifts of An-124 capacity, and then for the rest of the cargo, we transferred the Boeing 767 from China Eastern Airlines and Air Canada. In addition, the charter plan for the entire project was becoming clear, as follows:

Schedule ETD Aircraft Route Loading plan 板位
4th,NOV,2021 AN124 PVG-NRT-ANC-YVR 620CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
10th,NOV,2021 AN124 PVG-NRT-ANC-YVR 620CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
13th,Nov,2021 AN124 PVG-NRT-ANC-YVR 620CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
18th,Nov,2021 AN124 PVG-NRT-ANC-YVR 620CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
11th,Nov,2021 AN124 PVG-NRT-ANC-YVR 620CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
8th,Nov,2021 B767 PVG-NRT-YVR 330CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
15th,Nov,2021 B767 PVG-NRT-YVR 330CBM(Ac actual) Air Charter
4/6/7/11/12/13/14/15/18th NOv,2021 MU581 PVG-YVR 150CBM/Flight(Ac actual),total1350CBM Air Charter
8/11th,Nov,2021 AC7152 PVG-YVR 150CBM/Flight(Ac actual),finish loading the leftover Air Charter

The customer had a simple meeting with the Loongle team the same day after receiving our plan, and decided to entrust our company to operate this project with full authority and prepaid the charter flight deposit to our company the next day.
This project finally used a total of 21 charter flights. We prepared a warehouse capable of accommodating 8000 cubic meters of goods in advance to receive the epidemic prevention materials ordered by this customer from all over the country, and arranged a professional warehouse management team in advance to effectively manage the project. The goods, from unloading, stockpiling, palletizing, and loading, we are all in an orderly manner.
The greatest difficulty of this project was that at that time, China customs had strict sampling inspections of anti-epidemic materials for export, especially for anti-epidemic materials exported to Canada. Our company communicated with the customs’ sampling inspection and laboratory inspection departments in advance to complete the goods as quickly as possible. The random inspection work has finally ensured that all goods are shipped smoothly as originally planned.
In the end, the project was shipped smoothly on November 18, and the task was completed beyond expectations. It also solved the problem of shortage of anti-epidemic materials in Canada, which was highly praised by customers.

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