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Anthony Wu

Managing Director
+86-18121589088 / anthony@loongle.com

Mr. Anthony Wu entered the international freight forwarding industry in 2006 for 15 years. He has worked in a Fortune 500 global logistics company and has been ranked among the top 5 group companies in performance throughout the year. In 2011, Mr. Anthony Wu and his partners jointly established Vitane International Logistics, which opened the way of entrepreneurship in the international logistics industry, and founded Loongle Shipping as a sole proprietorship in 2014. At the beginning of 2014, he fully invested in Loongle Shipping. Since its operation, it has been seven years, and Loongle has also grown stronger with his hard work. Each year, Loongle is serving more customers at home and abroad. Mr. Anthony Wu started from the most basic level of business, gradually moved into management positions, and naturally entered the rank of international logistics entrepreneurs. He has 15 years of experience in the international logistics industry and ten years of management experience in the international logistics industry. He has his own unique understanding and deep accumulation of industry experience in the international logistics industry. Whether it is importing or exporting international logistics, or sea freight, air freight, railway, land transportation, and intermodal transportation, he has rich and macroscopic industry experience accumulation. In the past 15 years, he has served many Fortune 500 listed companies and assisted many import and export companies for the design of the company's project logistics plan, and he is incredibly exquisite in the import and export logistics services between China, North America and Europe. Mr. Anthony Wu pays particular attention to the improvement of Loongle's door-to-door service. After seven years of development, Loongle has become the first member of WCA( World Cargo Alliance), and is also a perennial gold member of overseas platforms such as Jctrans. Loongle also has established long-term and fine cooperation with high-quality agents all over the world, that can provide customers at home and abroad with more convenient and efficient logistics services. Creating more value for customers is his original intention of establishing Loongle. Making logistics easier and simpler is also his pursuit in this industry.
Dorris Xu

Customer Service Director
+86-13915416807 / dorris@loongle.com

Ms. Dorris has been professionally engaged in import and export freight forwarding for 12 years. She is skilled in quotation and operation of home and abroad delivery of goods, domestic and foreign import and export declarations, international sea freight and air freight transportation, domestic import customs clearance, and domestic delivery through one-stop import services. Ms. Dorris has been engaged in the freight forwarding industry for many years and has extensive experience in import and export operations and customer service. She is very familiar with air and sea import and export procedures and operations, and has reliable experience in handling abnormal situations. There is a certain pre-judgment for the subsequent flow of goods. Years of precipitation and experience accumulation in the freight forwarding industry have made her handy and trustworthy for freight forwarding operations under the terms of FOB CIF DDU DDP and other terms.We believe that in the future, customers at home and abroad can have the opportunity to cooperate with her for mutual benefit and win-win.
May Feng

Customer Service Manager
+86-13861325215 / may@loongle.com

Ms. May is cheerful, confident, enthusiastic, and sincere in her life. Be proactive in completing everything at work, be good at communicating with people at work, willing to cooperate with customers and colleagues, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have a good team spirit and high enthusiasm for work, be able to stand by when encountering problems at work and can think in the position of customers. Ms. May has 14 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry and has her own unique understanding of the freight forwarding industry. She is good at sea freight, air freight, FCL and LCL export operations, and customer maintenance. She has rich experience in export sea freight operations and faces various kinds of customers who can be treated with peace of mind, and she can also find ways to deal with some emergencies promptly and actively cooperate with other departments to arrange their work rationally.
Cyrstal Xie

Overseas Director
+86-15895550857 / crystal@loongle.com

Crystal has a calm personality, very friendly to everyone. She has engaged in freight forwarding and related jobs for more than ten years, specializing in international air and sea DDU / DDP shipment, and can quote and handle shipment door to door from China to worldwide. In the freight forwarding industry, she fully understands the client's requirements, actively communicates with the client, coordinate resources from all aspects, and do her best to help the client solve various problems to ensure the smooth progress of every shipment. She does this job very carefully and has a high sense of responsibility for work.

Our story

Loongle Shipping Inc. has been rooted in the global freight forwarding industry for more than ten years. The registered capital is RMB 10 million. Loongle is an international freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce (registered ID 00067948). As NVOCC(MOC-NV08850) approved by the Ministry of Transport of PRC, Loongle is a China freight forwarder capable of booking to shipping lines and airlines directly.Since its inception, Loongle has spared no effort to build and enhance its overseas agency network. Loongle is a WCA FIRST member (ID 107009) and JCTRANS gold medal member.

Loongle provides sea, air, rail, land import, and export freight services, including booking, trucking, customs, warehousing, project cargo door-to-door, insurance, and many other freight forwarding services. With the most professional and efficient freight solutions design and an advanced global agency network, we provide our customers with full-scale freight services to meet their diversified, integrated logistics demands.

Loongle Shipping has a high-quality, comprehensive global agency network with over 500 international contractual cooperation agents. We are particularly good at handling export DAP/DDU/DDP/LDP and import EXW/FOB terms of shipment. Loongle has an experienced team with an average experience of more than ten years in the freight industry that can be efficient, skilled, and professional from quotes to actual handling. Detailed quotations of the global door to door freight service can be provided within half an hour. As for the customs clearance policies for export destination countries, with the tariff rate and the latest policy trends of the General Administration of Customs of China, Loongle can achieve timely and accurate control and feedback, which significantly levels up our customers' efficiency.

Loongle is now endeavoring to provide the most excellent logistics experience to our customers, "integrity, professional, efficient" is our service standard," we make logistics easier" is our slogan, we committed to take care every aspect of logistics, to meet every new and old customers' satisfactions. After years of innovation and deployment of human resources, we have made strategic success and established long-term, friendly and cooperative relations of mutual trust and mutual benefit with our customers at home and abroad. Our product is to provide you with quality service, and we will persevere and keep improving our service level in return for our customer's trust and support.

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Our mission is to make logistics easier. The purpose of Loongle existence is to simplify shipping procedures continuously and help more and more people with their shipments from/to China. We are the bridge that connects you and China!
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