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Loongle will provide you reliable shipping services
Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Loongle Shipping provides global coverage of FCL&LCL sea freight service, we have a strong network of agents, professional staff, and strong marketing connections, to ensure your cargo can be delivered to every corner of the world safely in time.
Air Freight

Air Freight

We own the air freight bronze medal issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and our flights go the selected air courses across the whole world. Therefore, we can reserve adequate and reliable space for your shipment to be exported via air in every season.
Rail Freight

Rail Freight

Loongle can make booking from rail stations all over China to Abraod,like Shanghai/Suzhou/Zhengzhou/Yiwu/Xi'An/Tianjin/Chongqin/Shenzhen/Hefei/Changsha/Shenyang etc.


Loongle trucking department has Advance technology:GPS realized whole course monitoring and control to each truck, and customer may inquire each index of cargo route on internet at any time, and we respond 7*24.
Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Loongle own China customs import and export customs registration certificate, we have one department team dedicated for customs declaration/clearance,we review customs document for every shipment.


Loongle has 93000 square meter warehouse with advanced facility, we can provde competative storage rate and 30days free warehousing storage for import and export shipment, meanwhile, we can gather cargo for you from differenct factories all over China and then ship together for you.
Specialist Services
Loongle Can Handle Any Type Of Shipment From/To China
  • Global Door To Door Shipping
  • Time Critical Shipping
  • Cargo Insurance And Claims
  • Trade Agency&Documentatioon
  • LDP Logistics
  • Packaging And Crating
  • OOG&Project Shipping
  • Bulk Cargo Shipping
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
Shipping Solutions For Any Industry
Loongle Can Always Provide You Best Shipping Solutions For Any Industry
  • Garments
  • Personal Effects
  • Toys
  • International Relocation
  • Promotion Gifts
  • Relocation of overseas factories
  • Autoparts
  • Temporary import and export
  • Machinery
  • Equipment Repair
  • Furniture
  • OOG shipping
  • Electronic Products
  • Breakbulk Shipping
  • Household Items
Our Advantages
Why Choosing Us?
  • Professional team
  • Competitive shipping rate
  • NVOCC(MOC-NV08850) approved by ministry of transport of the PRC
  • WCA family member WCA first member(ID:107009)
  • Comprehensive global agency network
  • 100% cargo Insurance claim success rate
  • LDP shipping service China to USA
  • 7*24*365 response
  • Over ten years freight
    forwarding experience
  • Personalized customized freight service
Shipment We Handled
Loongle Professional Team Capable Of Handling Any Type Of Shipment
Air Charter Project For Health Canada Anti-epidemic Materials

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic in China was effectively controlled, the foreign epidemic suddenly broke out. For a time, the demand for epidemic prevention materials around the world surged. A domestic exporter of epidemic prevention materials successfully won the bidding of the procurement project of Health Canada.

Bespoke Furniture Ocean Freight Project China TO Australia

At the beginning of 2017, an Australian company specializing in bespoke furniture and decoration engineering contacted Loongle. They just started importing all kinds of custom furniture and all kinds of decoration materials from China. The products mainly include all types of furniture, lighting, light strips, marble countertops, etc.

Eurasia Rail Freight China To Germany For Electronic Products

In 2019, a German agent of WCA family member found Loongle to negotiate Sino-German railway cooperation. They have a long-term customer who purchases electronic products from China. Basically, the purchasing factories are near Suzhou, Wuxi, and Hangzhou in the Yangtze River Delta, and the goods are received in Germany.

Customer Testimonials
What Our Customers Say About Loongle Shipping Services
Over the years, Loongle's professional team has been helping us shipping all kinds of bespoke furniture from all over China to Australia. And meanwhile, Loongle assist us in tracking the production progress of Chinese furniture suppliers and properly arranging one-stop services including trucking, customs declaration, and sea or air transportation.Thanks to the assistance of Loongle, our bespoke furniture business in Australia is booming, and Loongle is one of our most competent partners!
Simon Dunlop
Our company is located in Miami, USA, and need to purchase glass bottles from China several times a year. Loongle is undoubtedly our best choice for freight forwarding providers. Their professional team can provide stable and fast door-to-door logistics services and assist our company in making the quality inspection of glass bottles before loading, which makes us more assured of placing orders in China,that helps a lot!
Laurie Landgrebe
Lauries Pantry
Loongle is our exclusive partner in China. We have been cooperating for six years. Loongle can assist our company in handling the shipments from China to the United States very well and provide more competitive freight rates in the market. They have been helping us to develop more import business from China.
Ming Liu
Accelerators Worldwide Systems
We bought about 20CBM Christimas gifts from China to Chicago,initally, we considered to ship via 1*20GP, but Loongle told us it was more economic to ship via LCL, after we got their quotation, we found half freight could be saved, so we immedicately asked them to ship via LCL way, thanks for Loongle team, they helped us save a lot of money!
Tristan Muller
We import smart glass from southern China to North America reguarly, becuase the glass is very fragile and we normally need less than one container cargo, so the safe shipping is very important to us, Loongle has helped us for LCL and airfreight shipping since 2016, and they always do it very well!
Gavin Boulton
Smart Glass
We placed an order of 1*40HQ alloy pipes to a trading company in Suzhou,China, we need door to door shipping service to our factory located in New Orleans,USA. Loongle not only did a great job for shipping for us, but also they helped us customs-made wooden cases and reinforce the cargo when loading,they did a great job!
Shelly Babin
Orion Engineered Carbons
I have a house in Vancouver,and my boys like football very much,so I decided to buy artifical turf from China to make a football field for them, actually I grew up in Suzhou, so I find a local forwarder Loongle to help us ship the turf and other household items,all personal effects goods, Loongle helped us to do everything inlucding documentation,customs declaration,shipping,import clearance,pay duty and tax,I sucessfully received the turf, thanks for their help!
Johnson Wang
We are a funirture wholesaler company in Montreal, we ordered some furniture from China, some desks and sofa, we need this order urgently, so we decided to ship it via Courier, but DHL and Fedex both rejected our shipment because they are all oversized, a friend introduced Loongle to us, they pick up the furniture very that day, and arranged the soonest flight for us, we received the furniture just in time!
Lucy Simard
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Asked Questions
  • How to find a reliable China freight forwarder for long term cooperation?

    The below tips may help you find a suitable Chinese freight forwarder to assist you with your shipment from/to China.
    1. First, you need to know your freight requirements. For example, going to a freight forwarder specializing in sea freight is better if you need sea freight service.
    2. Secondly, you need to locate the shipping routes you need. For example, if you need freight forwarding services on the China-US route, then the freight forwarder who is good at shipping on the China-US route is more suitable for you.
    3. You can use some global freight forwarding platforms, such as WCA, JCTRANS, etc. Many professional forwarders enlist for you to choose for cooperation, and they are more guaranteed.

  • What information should I provide to freight forwarder to get an accurate shipping quote?

    You usually need to provide below cargo information to your freight forwarder to get an accurate quote, including commodity/packaging way/package numbers/weight/volume. You need to indicate the shipping way, usually sea freight/air freight/rail freight, if you need to ship via sea freight, you must tell the container type you need. LCL way may be more economical for you when the shipment is less than one container. For more detailed inquiries, you can fill in the information on our online inquiry session, Loongle will assist with your freight shipment.

  • If big freight forwarding companies provide better service and shipping rates than small freight forwarding companies?

    Compared with small freight forwarding companies, large freight forwarding companies have their advantages and disadvantages. It is not necessarily that the shipping services and rates of large companies are better than that of small companies. Like all industries, large companies and small companies have their own advantages.
    Under normal circumstances, the contracted freight rates of large freight forwarding companies and carriers or airlines are generally cheaper than smaller ones. Their costs may be relatively low, but this is not necessarily the case. Large freight forwarding companies often require more profits than smaller freight forwarding companies, so for customers to choose freight forwarding companies, it is not that the freight rates of large freight forwarding companies will be cheaper than small companies. Small freight forwarding companies can often provide more competitive freight rates,because on the one hand, they demand less profit. On the other hand, some small freight forwarding companies have the capabilities that big companies do not have in some segments of the freight forwarding industry.
    Regarding customer service, large freight forwarding companies focus more on the division of labor and more on teamwork. In contrast, small freight forwarding companies usually provide one-to-one freight forwarding services, which will be more flexible and responsive.
    To summarize, finding a freight forwarder that matches your shipping requirements is best. The service level and freight rate provided by the freight forwarder are not much related to its scale.

  • If the Chinese factory we purchase does not have import and export license, Could you assist in arranging customs declaration and freight shipping?

    Of course, you don’t have to worry about it. In addition to providing regular freight forwarding services, Loongle can also provide customers with trade agency services. If the Chinese factory you purchased does not have an import and export license, you can use our import and export company to handle it. At the same time, our customs declaration staff can help you communicate with the factory and make a complete set of customs declaration documents to help you efficiently complete the one-stop service from delivery and customs declaration to export freight shipping.

  • How many days will it take for the fastest shipping from China to USA?

    Aside from air freight, Matson provides the fastest China-US sea freight service on the market. It generally takes about 9-10 days from Shanghai in China to the Los Angeles terminal in the United States. This is the fastest sea freight service between China and the United States. It is the best choice for customers with high timeliness requirements but who do not want to spend expensive air freight.

  • When our goods are damaged during transportation, will Loongle make corresponding compensation?

    When you choose Loongle as your freight forwarder, you don’t have to worry about this because Loongle has long-term strategic cooperation with the most reliable insurance company in the market. When you receive the goods and find that the goods are damaged, please get in touch with Loongle as soon as possible, we will provide you with insurance claims throughout the process. Our insurance claim success rate is 100%, which is also one of our advantages, and loongle can indeed escort your goods.

  • How much is sea freight from china?

    In fact, the sea freight rate index is affected by many factors. The freight rate from China to the world will be updated every week. We recommend that you communicate and inquire with our professional team before shipping to obtain specific available tariffs and services.

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